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What is a non-fan anion air purifier

- Jan 11, 2018 -

Non-fan anion air purifier has large specific surface area and extremely high porosity.

Non-fan-type anion air purifier is a kind of no need to use the wind blower and filter screen, using its own air anion to purify the air, dust, odor, sterilization environment optimization of electrical appliances, its core function is to generate air anion, the use of air anion itself has a natural diffusion of space, Coagulation sedimentation particulate pollutants, decomposition of formaldehyde and other harmful gases, sterilization and construction of negative oxygen ion recuperation environment characteristics to optimize the indoor air. The difference between it and the traditional air purifier is that the negative oxygen ions are used as purification factors, take the initiative to capture the harmful substances in the air, while the traditional air purifier using passive adsorption filter the principle of purification, through the fan ventilation, the use of filter passive adsorption filter to purify the air, the need according to the saturation degree of the filter (purification effect attenuation degree ) to replace the filter, or easily lead to two pollution, and no fan-type anion air purifier without fans and filters, really do 0 supplies, 0 noise.


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