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What is a Car Plug in Air Purifier

- Sep 29, 2017 -

The utility model relates to a plug air purifier for automobiles:

(1) Car Plug in Air Purifier it is also called "air purifier for car" and "air purifier for automobile". It refers to air purification equipment specially used to purify PM2.5, peculiar smell, poisonous and harmful gas, bacteria and virus in the air of automobile.

(2) purchase notes:

1, exterior volume. At present, the market for on-board air purifiers, mostly flat design, a small number of special placement. When choosing, it is necessary to select the machine that can move in the moving place and operate normally in the car, but it is not easy to move with the car.

2, manufacturing materials. Generally speaking, wear resistant and high temperature resistant materials are better than those of relatively fragile materials.

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