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What are the technical classifications of air purification

- Oct 17, 2017 -

What are the classifications of air purification technology?

Air purification technology refers to the technology of indoor air pollution remediation. It can improve indoor air quality, improve living and office conditions, and improve physical and mental health. Product advantage with comprehensive function and fashionable appearance. Air purification technology refers to a series of technologies with this function.

Photocatalytic purification

Environmental pollution control technology of catalytic nano materials is generally recognized by the international advanced technology on the treatment of low concentration organic pollution gas, disinfection and sterilization of the most effective, it has mild reaction conditions, and economic of bacteria and viruses, characteristics and comprehensive treatment of pollutants.

The use of central air-conditioning photocatalytic air purifying disinfector manufacturing technology of this module by coating TiO2 thin steel wire mesh, at the beginning, in effect filters, nano TiO2 photocatalytic chamber, the intelligent control system of multi factor. It can kill the viruses and bacteria in the air in a short time, and remove the pollutants and eliminate the odors. It is an effective multi factor air purifying disinfector for preventing respiratory infectious diseases, preventing air borne virus bacteria, eliminating the harm of smoking and degrading indoor pollution.

The new oxygen nano catalytic decomposition technology, the nanometer titanium dioxide material with large surface area than the carbon substrate and light, with a special process of sintering process, and completed the production of materials, in order to solve the problem of low efficiency of traditional catalytic technology.

Nano adsorption

Blue pore aperture in 0.270.98 nano crystal is arranged between. At the same time is weak, formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene molecules, toluene and xylene in diameter 0.40.62 nm, and it is a polar molecule, has the characteristics of preferential adsorption of formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC and other harmful gases, to purify indoor air effect.

Negative ion purification

Air is composed of numerous molecules and atoms. When the molecules or atoms in the air lose or acquire electrons, they form charged particles, called ions, with positive charges called positive ions and negative charges called negative ions. Negative ion is a negative charged gas ion in air. It attracts suspended particles with positive ions and neutralizes them without charge to settle down, so that air can be purified. It can be said that the concentration of negative ion air purification is to reduce the suspended particles in the air, but can not kill the virus, bacteria, also cannot decompose pollutants, its main role is to complement the indoor fresh air, the lack of negative ions, have certain effect on human health.

The working principle of the removal of indoor particulate pollutants are similar, the charged particles in the air, the formation of large particle coalescence and sedimentation of particles, but did not actually remove the surface is attached to the nearby, easily lead to dust again. The air in the eye cannot see 2.5 micron (PM2.5) harm to human body and is the largest, can deep into the lungs, directly into the alveolus directly into the blood in the blood flow through the pulmonary gas exchange, ion size of negative oxygen in the air can be small and pollutant interactions, and composite the diffusion effects of pollutants transformation, or as a catalyst for change of trace gases in chemical processes of toxicity. As small as 0.01 micron, in the industry difficult to remove dust particles, also has the obvious settlement removal effect.

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