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What are the advantages of the ADA air purifier

- Dec 22, 2017 -

ADA air purifier is so popular, mainly because it is easy to use: Plug-in is used, long time effective; The initial filtration and adsorption properties of the filter is good, the air purification is very obvious, can eliminate all kinds of indoor odor. But for formaldehyde, if the internal installed is the filter net, it is invalid. can only be loaded activated carbon, formaldehyde will have adsorption effect, but only adsorption. I would like to know why the activated carbon package, but the air purifier is fondle admiringly? Just because they make a big brand? The air purifier does change a disadvantage of activated carbon: only passive adsorption of formaldehyde around the activated carbon, the formaldehyde at a distance is helpless. But other shortcomings are not changed: adsorption capacity is weak, it is easy to achieve adsorption saturation, after the adsorption saturation on the formaldehyde will have no effect, in case of indoor temperature will also cause formaldehyde desorption, resulting in two times pollution, this harm is even greater. If only for formaldehyde, then I am not directly to buy an electric fan to the activated carbon blowing on the equivalent of a clean air? In addition to formaldehyde air purifier is to change the activated carbon filter, the quality and volume of activated carbon determines the effect of formaldehyde removal! If you are really keen on air purifiers, then I will give you a few suggestions: 

1, to choose a big choice, at least the quality of the machine is guaranteed

2, must change the filter element in time, after adsorption saturated to formaldehyde is useless

3, 24 hours to continue to purify, or into the House after the window and air purifier half an hour 4, due to its limited area of purification, economic capacity to allow, buy more.


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