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A comprehensive understanding of the wall-mounted fresh air system

- Jul 24, 2018 -

The fresh air system uses a special equipment to send fresh air to the indoors on the closed indoor side, and then discharges from the other side to the outdoor by special equipment. A "new air flow field" is formed in the room to meet the needs of indoor fresh air ventilation. According to the style, the fresh air system is mainly divided into floor type, cabinet type, wall hanging type and ceiling type.

 The new wall-mounted wind is also called the wall-mounted fresh air purification system, which is mainly used for families, office places, schools, hotels, villas, real estate goods buildings, entertainment places, etc. How much do you know about the wall-mounted fresh air system?

   1. Does the wall need to be opened?

   The wall-mounted fresh air does not need to be arranged with the air duct, and it is only necessary to make two holes in the wall to easily complete the air intake and exhaust.

  2. If you hang it near the window, will it conflict with the curtain?

  There may be a little bit of influence on your curtains. If the curtains do not cover the new fan, it will not affect the ventilation effect.

 3. Is it energy efficient?

 Yes, the fresh air system can be used to avoid the loss of indoor energy (air-conditioning/heating) caused by window ventilation, and the heat exchange recovery energy is as high as 84%.

 4. The air supply port is very close to the air return port. Will it form a short circuit of airflow and affect the ventilation effect?

 No, because the air supply is motivated. For example, the wind in your home air conditioner is not very far away, but the whole room will have temperature changes - because the flow of air molecules is regular.

  5. Is it noisy?

 The small air volume of the new fan runs more stable, and the running noise is low, which will not cause any noise troubles for learning work and sleep.

  6. Does it have a hot swap function?

   In some cases, heat exchange can effectively reduce the energy loss of air conditioners or heating caused by window ventilation, and the heat exchange efficiency is as high as 84%, which will not cause secondary pollution and ensure the comfort of the room after air replacement.

 7. Can it filter PM2.5?

 Yes, wall-mounted fresh air three-stage filtration, medium efficiency, electrostatic dust collection, two high-efficiency filters (HEPA filter, European H12) can effectively isolate floating pollutants (PM2.5, PM10) and fog in the air. Harmful substances such as cockroaches, viruses, bacteria, mold, pollen.

  8. Is it usually a large amount of air, and is the purification effect obvious?

 The air volume of the wall-mounted fresh air system is usually 60-80m3/h, and the general bedroom area is about 20 square meters, which can basically achieve one-hour ventilation. Therefore, 60 cubic meters can basically meet the design requirements of green building for air replacement.

  9. Is it easy to maintain in the later stage?

 The wall-mounted fresh air is not as good as the fresh air system in which the pipeline is installed. There is no need to worry about the long-term use of the dust in the pipeline, which affects the wind effect and purification efficiency. Moreover, the replacement of the filter material and the cleaning cabinet can be directly operated, and it is not necessary to find a professional climber like the ceiling machine. It is climbed down to check for cleaning and maintenance, so it is easy to maintain later.

 10. What features does it have?

 The operation is more arbitrary, and you can adjust the air volume according to the indoor air condition at home.

You are welcome to recommend Odeo to your family and friends. Odeo is responsible for taking fresh air every day.

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