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The smell in the car was a healthy, invisible killer

- Feb 08, 2018 -

Many car owners have such an experience, in driving a car, the car will have a special smell, many people think of it as the "car smell", but the smell is the impact of the drivers and motorists of the health of the "stealth killer."

According to the authority of testing, more than 70% of the car's harmful material concentrations are exceeded, especially in some middle and low cars, exceeding the rate is more than 90%. According to the investigation, the air pollution in the car mainly comes from two aspects: I. Car itself: many cars under the production line, directly into the market, and installed in the car, such as dashboard and other plastic parts, carpets, roof blankets, rubber, leather, paint and other objects have not been harmful gas release period, will directly cause air pollution inside the car. Second, the car decoration materials: Most consumers buy cars after the car decoration, decoration process will undoubtedly use such as softener, glue and other chemicals, is that they will release containing formaldehyde, benzene, volatile organic compounds and other harmful gases, which also inevitably caused the air pollution inside the car. At the same time, because of the small space in the car, airtight high, these harmful gases are difficult to evaporate, thus forming a pungent "car smell."and long-term in these harmful substances polluted air environment, light will cause dizziness, nausea, allergies, asthma, and so on, heavy will cause the immune level imbalance, affect the central nervous system and digestive function, liver and hematopoietic system damage, causing cancer, leukemia and so on.

To solve the car's taste, many owners think a lot of ways, such as the use of perfume, activated carbon and so on. But perfume only acts as a cover for the smell of the car, can not remove the harmful substances in the car, some of the inferior perfume is itself a source of pollution, and activated carbon with the removal of chemical pollution has a certain effect, but it belongs to passive absorption, not active filtration, in the air clean efficiency has a great discount.


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