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The principle of negative ion air cleaner

- Nov 27, 2017 -

The negative ion air cleaner is a kind of negative ions generated by the use of their own cleaning, dust, odor, sterilization appliances to air environment optimization, its core function is to generate negative ions, characteristics of dust and the negative ion itself with the dust, sterilization detoxification to optimize indoor air. The difference with the traditional air purification machine with negative ion as the effect factor, take the initiative to capture the harmful substances in the air, while the traditional air purifier is the air blower, to purify the air by filter dust, known as passive type adsorption filtration purification principle, need to replace the filter regularly, and the negative ion the air purifier is without supplies. At present, the negative ion converter technology and negative ion releaser technology of negative ion air cleaner are not necessary, and no noise can be used at night.

Negative ions can not only contribute to the body of vitamin synthesis and storage, strengthen and activate the physiological activities of the human body, so it is also called "air vitamin", think of it like food like vitamins, has a very important effect on the human body and other biological life activities, such as after a thunderstorm, increasing the negative ion air, people feel comfortable. While in the air conditioning room, because of the negative ions in the air after a series of air conditioning purification and ventilation pipe after long almost disappeared, in which people stay for a long time will feel chest tightness, dizziness, fatigue, decreased work efficiency and health status, known as the "air conditioning syndrome". In the medical field, anion [1] is recognized as an effective means of killing pathogens and purifying the air. The mechanism is that the negative ions combine with bacteria to make the bacteria change in structure or transfer of energy, leading to bacterial death, and finally sink to the ground. Medical research shows that the negative particles in the air can increase the oxygen content in the blood, which is beneficial to the blood oxygen transportation, absorption and utilization. It can promote the metabolism of the human body, improve the immune capacity of the human body, enhance the muscle energy of the human body, and regulate the function balance of the body. According to the textual research, negative ions can inhibit, relieve and assist the treatment of more than 30 kinds of diseases in 7 systems of human body, especially in human body. The negative ion is also called "air vitamin" in the medical field".

Air negative ions also have sedative and hypnotic effects. If we inhale the right amount of negative ions every day, persevere, good health benefits: make people energetic, eliminate fatigue and burnout, improve work efficiency. Improve sleep and eliminate neurasthenia. Reducing the incidence of diseases and preventing colds and respiratory diseases. Improve the symptoms of heart and cerebrovascular diseases.  Under the action of negative ions, it can increase the excitability of bones, decrease the exercise time, and help athletes improve their performance, especially for some items that need quick response, such as sprint, swimming and so on.

Supplement of ecological negative oxygen ions can improve sub-health status.  Medical research has proved that there is a positive correlation between the concentration of air negative ions in human living environment and the health level of human body. The air with high concentration of negative oxygen ions is very important for regulating the sub-health state of the body. Ecological negative oxygen ions through the blood brain barrier absorbed by the body will adjust the body's acid-base imbalance and redox imbalance, restore the normal metabolism of the body, can improve the body's immunity and resistance. In addition, air negative ions have excellent purification dust removal effect, can effectively remove PM2.5, haze and other air pollution, decomposition of formaldehyde and other decoration pollution, protect the health.

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