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Poly-Solution Technology

- May 24, 2017 -

Ncco is a technology that specializes in the treatment and decomposition of gaseous contaminants in air and cannot be used to deal with solid contaminants.

Nano-materials can be adjusted according to the characteristics of pollutants to improve the system's ability to deal with specific contaminants. After adsorption of contaminants by nanometer materials, active oxygen can be used to decompose pollutants and regenerate them continuously. This will not only greatly prolong the life of the system, but also increase the capacity of the treatment. The process of pollutant decomposition of live oxygen in nanomaterials is much faster than in air. Adding the catalyst to the nanometer material increases the rate of the pollutant being decomposed by the live oxygen.

Non-gaseous contaminants, such as oil and dust, that are difficult to decompose can not be disposed of. Nano-pores in nanomaterials are clogged by these substances and lose the ability to process contaminants.

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