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Important factors of vehicle air purifier

- Jan 12, 2018 -

Whether comprehensive, efficient, convenient and safe is the most basic consideration factor of vehicle air purifier, and the purifying effect is the key determinant factor.

1, purification methods. Air purifiers are generally divided into "filter net" purification and "ion Group" purification. Filter purification, mainly through the fan air into the machine, through the filtration network for air filtration purification. Ion group purification, mainly through the ion generator, to the air injection of ion groups, active purification of air pollution.

2. Air duct design. Because of the "obstacles" in the car more, to fully purify the car every place of the air, you need a scientific wind duct design. For example, the filter air purifier needs to have a better wind duct design, ion air purifier needs more scientific wind duct design.


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