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How to solve the air pollution inside the car

- Sep 18, 2018 -

How to solve the air pollution inside the car

Aodeao summed up some of the more popular methods now, let’s take a look at it one by one.

Method 1: Open window ventilation

Advantages: no cost, simple and convenient

Disadvantages: temporary solution, palliative

Method 2: Turn on the air conditioner

Advantages: no cost, simple and convenient

Disadvantages: The air conditioning inside the car is mainly based on internal circulation, and does not have the effect of purifying the air. It only gives people a sensory illusion.

Method three: car perfume

Advantages: exquisite shape, low price of single bottle

Disadvantages: cover up the odor, itself is a mixture of ether and flavor, will produce secondary pollution, causing the human body's olfactory response is slow and easy to explode.

Method 4: Steam sterilization

Advantages: traditional methods, single-use low price

Disadvantages: easy to residue, large damage, short duration

Method 5: Activated carbon pack

Advantages: traditional methods, low price, easy to use, strong ability to absorb odor.

Disadvantages: 1 easy to saturate, short use time. 2 does not have the function of circulating air purification. 3 slow results

Method six: car oxygen bar

Advantages: The essence is the negative ion generator, the earliest electronic products in the air purification in the car, the price is low, the use time is long, and the function of fresh air is provided.

Disadvantages: 1 negative ions survive in the air for a short time. 2 No circulation filtration to purify the air. 3 The function is single, the structure is simple, and the effect is not obvious.

Method seven: car air purifier

Said so many unruly small series do not sell off, and now began to say reliable - car air purifier. The vehicle purifier is also called a vehicle purifier or a car air purifier, and is usually composed of a high voltage generating circuit negative ion generator, a micro fan, an air filter and the like. Its working principle is as follows: the micro-fan (also called ventilator) in the machine circulates the air inside the car. The polluted air passes through the PM2.5 filter and the activated carbon filter in the machine to filter or adsorb various pollutants. After passing through the negative ion generator installed in the air outlet (the high voltage generated in the negative ion generator during operation generates DC negative high voltage), the air is continuously ionized, and a large amount of negative ions are generated, which are sent out by the micro fan to form a negative ion airflow, thereby achieving the purpose of cleaning and purifying the air.

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