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How to purify the indoor air

- Dec 18, 2017 -

Ventilation method

Through the indoor air circulation, can reduce the indoor air harmful material content, thus reduces this kind of material to the human body the harm. In winter, people often closed doors and windows, indoor and outdoor air can not circulate, not only indoor air formaldehyde content will increase, radon gas will continue to accumulate, even to a very high concentration.

Advantages: Good results, no cost disadvantages: long time, generally more than three years of formaldehyde can be removed.

Traditional methods

Recommended index: Not recommended

300 grams black tea bubble hot tea two washbasin water, put into the bedroom, and open the window breathable, indoor formaldehyde content in 48 hours will drop more than 90%, the irritating smell basically eliminates. There is a choice of indoor put some pineapple and other fruits.

Advantage: The senses seem to have a small odor. Disadvantage: Just use a smell to decorate the taste of the food cover, harmful gas has been in the room.

Plant Odor Removal Method

Recommended Index: 6

Low pollution can choose plant Decontamination: General indoor environmental pollution in light pollution can be used plant purification. According to the different functions of the room, size selection and placement of plants.

Air Purifier Method

Air purifier can effectively purify most of the air pollution gas, let people live in the air fresh environment, enjoy the happiness

Overall, the use of air purifiers is the most suitable for home life.

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