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How to maintain the household air purifier

- Nov 08, 2017 -

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The maintenance of  home air ventilator is mainly from two convenience:

External maintenance

1. Regularly clean the dust and dirt outside the case. Can be wiped with dry soft towel or wet cloth, remember to use oil, banana water and other scrub.

2. Regularly check whether the power line is damaged. Air purifier is an electric product, so it is a work that can not be ignored to ensure the integrity of the power line. One is to ensure the safety of power use, and the other is to ensure the good operation of the air purifier!

Internal maintenance

1, pre filter maintenance (usually for chassis rear cover). The pre filter screen should be cleaned 1-2 times a month. The filter net is removed, the flap is cleaned or the hair dryer is cleaned, and even washed with water, then dried and loaded into the panel!

2, formaldehyde filter maintenance. Formaldehyde filter network maintenance is more special, it does not need to clean up, the best maintenance method is to regularly get the sun down to expose, can make the filter function of formaldehyde filter always maintain the best state.

3. Maintenance of activated carbon filter. The active carbon filter net needs to be replaced regularly, which belongs to disposable consumer goods. If you can get the sun below the sun regularly, can be extended with the change of time.

4. Dust removal inside the case. Air purifier work for a long time, the box will inevitably invade some of the dust, cleaning can be vacuum cleaners, hair dryers and other tools for dust removal. Be sure to cut off the power before cleaning!

In the process of disassembly and assembly of air cleaner, attention should be paid to safe power-off!

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