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How to maintain air purifier

- Dec 19, 2017 -

How to maintain air purifier

1, glue cotton: Dirty can be washed, repeated use, not to rub hard.

2, HEPA: Can be used to vacuum the surface of dust.

3, catalytic activated carbon: half a year to get too much sun exposure for more than 24 hours, you can restore the activity of activated carbon itself.

4, stable placement. In accordance with the needs of purification, select the appropriate location of the room to place the machine. When placed, ensure that the bottom of the machine and its contact plane smooth. The place should ensure that the machine enters, the outlet unobstructed, when used also must not have the object obstruct enters, the outlet.

5. Add Spices. The spice box attached to the machine is placed in the instruction bag and the spice box is removed. Put it on the spice hook. When used to feel no fragrance release, you should open the machine to remove the spice box and add new solid spices, the spice box will be reinstalled in place.

6. Air purifier should turn off the power supply when it is not used or moved for a long time. After the maintenance, replacement of filter material, if the machine is not fully installed in place, do not boot. Water droplets should be prevented from entering the purifier.

7, do not close to the water or volatile flammable materials near the use of air purifier

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