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How to choose household air purifier

- Oct 19, 2017 -

How to choose household air purifier 

Choose the right channel of purchase

When buying household air purifier , it is recommended to purchase as much as possible in regular channels such as large shopping malls, electrical appliances stores, brand stores and mainstream e-commerce websites.

According to the actual needs of the purchase of household air purifiers, today, air purifier brand, function, performance, design and price are very different, dazzling. Consumers are advised to buy products according to their actual needs, not the more functions, the better. For example, for consumers who need to protect PM2.5, it is recommended to select the air purifier with outstanding PM2.5 purification capability. New home decoration can focus on the removal of formaldehyde and toluene outstanding air purifier.

Filtration technology

Filtering particulate pollutants are mainly HEPA filter, HEPA filter screen quality is uneven, some small brand has high filtration efficiency, but the resistance is large, the energy efficiency ratio is relatively low, and very easy to plug, short service life, generally recommended with depth of HEPA electret electrostatic dust filter, electrostatic electret technology makes the non-woven fabric fiber with positive and negative electricity, effectively capture the particles in the air, a lot of HEPA filters are known to have electrostatic electret technology, but due to technical reasons many filter electret charge decay in a short period of time quickly, resulting in reduced filtration efficiency. It is suggested that the HEPA filter of 3M electrostatic electret air filter material should be selected, and the same electrostatic electret technology is used with the 3M mask, which will ensure the electret efficiency is not attenuated forever. High efficiency, low resistance, large dust quantity is the hard truth!

Pay attention to applicable area or clean air volume of particles (CADR)

The purification capacity of air purifier is mainly determined by the applicable area and clean air volume (CADR: the rate of clean air provided). The relationship between them is: =CADR * 0.1 applicable area. The purification capacity of other pollutants should be combined with the applicable area.

Energy efficiency ratio and energy efficiency grade

Household air purifier  is usually used for a long time, energy efficiency ratio as an important indicator to measure the purification capacity and power consumption of air purifier, worthy of attention. The higher the energy efficiency ratio and the energy efficiency grade, the more energy saving the air purifier is, the lower the cost is.

Ozone release

Ozone as a strong oxidant has a certain purification capacity, but it is harmful to the human body. The national mandatory safety requirements for air purifier, ozone emission, defined in 5 * 10-6% (ozone with fish).

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