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How to choose an air purifier?

- Aug 17, 2017 -

How to choose an air purifier?

There are some main technical indicators when purchasing the air purifier:

 (1) Purification technology: Purification technology is the primary indicator to take into consideration when choosing air purifiers. Activated carbon filter and HEPA filter technology are the representatives of the most safe and efficient filtration way. Try to choose air purifiers with multiple purification technology.

(2) Filter grade: Different filter grades has big difference in purification effect. The higher the HEPA mesh level , the smaller the diameter of the particles that can be filtered, and the better the filtration effect. At present, the ordinary air purifiers on market are applied with the H10H9 level filter, while the mid-end air purifiers are commonly applied with the H12 level filter, and a very small number of high-end air purifiers use H13-level filter. H13 level HEPA filter has the best filtration efficiency.

(3) Clean Air Delivery Rate: The greater the amount of CADR, the large the purification area, and the more the number of purification cycles. International standard is 5 times in an hour cycle. Consumers should try to buy air purifiers with higher CADR.

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