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How does air purifier purify the air

- Mar 02, 2018 -

Air purifier is generally through the activated carbon, high-voltage electrostatic and dust collection devices, such as multistage dust removal device to complete the air purification. It through the purifier in the motor drive maple leaf, so that indoor air flow cycle, by the air purifier filtered to achieve the purpose of air purity. In addition, air purifier in the structure, from coarse to fine clean air, that is, the air first through filtration, filter out the larger dust, and then through the activated Carbon filter filter out the air in the smoke and odor in the air, but also through the high voltage electrostatic and other composite dust removal method adsorption particle dust, Finally, the negative ion generator produces negative ions to make the air fresh and pleasant, to achieve the effect of air purification. In the choice of air purifier, according to the size of indoor space and the amount of air flow of the purifier to consider the size. This can be done in 1 hours by 3 times times the air volume of the room to choose


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