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Electrostatic standing-pole filter mesh Technology

- May 24, 2017 -

The use of static-loaded electrostatic electret non-woven fabric to dust, is the upgraded version of the HEPA technology. The advantages are low wind resistance, high efficiency, hypervolemic dust volume, the most important is safety. To the market on the "high Efficiency electrostatic filter NET" for the representative, the use of a breakthrough to carry permanent electrostatic filter, effectively blocking the air more than 0.1 micron particulate pollutants, such as dust, dander, pollen, bacteria, etc., at the same time ultra-low impedance to ensure energy conservation. In addition, deep dust design ensures longer service life. As of 2013, the family and car air-conditioning (such as SAIC, Volkswagen, GM and other well-known brands) and some commercial building areas (such as the Bird's Nest, Beijing hotel, Capital Airport three) have been widely used.

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