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Composition structure

- May 24, 2017 -

Air purifier is mainly composed of chassis shell, filter section, duct design, motor, power supply, LCD display and so on. Determine the life of the motor, determine the efficiency of purification is the filter section, determine whether the quiet is the duct design, chassis shell, filter section, motor.

Air purifier is mainly composed of motor, fan, air filter, intelligent monitoring System, some models of the machine with humidification function of the water tank, or auxiliary purification devices, such as negative ion generator, high-voltage circuit. The air filtration network is the core part. Other purification devices actually play only auxiliary functions, so the quality of air filter is a direct impact of air purifier is the most critical factor.

Motors and fans: The motor fan is the core of the air purifier is also essential accessories, the main role is to control the air circulation flow. After the air is inhaled, it is filtered and then the clean air is blown out.

air filter (STRAINER): Most of the air purifier in the market is mainly filtered to achieve the purpose of purifying the air, while the filter network is mainly divided into: particulate filter and organic material filter. Particle filter network is divided into coarse-effect filter, and fine particulate filter network, organic material filter is divided into formaldehyde filter, deodorization filter, activated carbon filter, carbon core filter, etc. Each type of filter mainly for the source of pollution is not the same, the principle of filtration is not the same.

Water tank: With the air purifier more and more attention from consumers, the function of air purifier is not only limited to air purification, by adding water tank structure design, air purifier in the completion of the basic mission at the same time can also play a role in Humidification air.

Intelligent Monitoring system: Intelligent Monitoring System is a simple understanding of air quality supervisor, through the built-in monitoring equipment can be real-time quality of the air to make good judgment, consumers can choose the air quality according to the use of air purifier. In addition, intelligent monitoring system can be filtered to the life of the water tank, such as the level of monitoring, to facilitate the user to understand the air purifier working state.

Negative Ion Generator and high-voltage circuit: generally as an auxiliary purification function, mainly the anion with clean air sent together. The anion has the function of sedation, hypnosis, analgesia, increasing appetite and lowering blood pressure. After the thunderstorm, people feel comfortable, that is, the air negative ions increase. Air anion can restore the pollutants from the atmosphere, nitrogen oxides, cigarettes and other reactive oxygen (oxygen free radicals), reduce the excessive reactive oxygen on the human body harm.

Disinfection device: Electrostatic air purification device in terms of its structure, there are generally three kinds of products in the market: flat-plate structure air purification device, honeycomb-shaped hexagonal channel air purification device, round hole channel air purification disinfection device.

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