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Are Air Purifier Loud?

- Aug 01, 2017 -

Are Air Purifier Loud?

Nowadays, there are all different kinds of air purifiers on the market, with all different functions, either domestic brands or foreign brands. You got so many choices but how to choose the best air purifier among all of them?

1. Purification needs--Air pollutants like PM2.5, bacteria, viruses, formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds. Different air purifiers adopt different purification technologies in order to kill different pollutants in the air. Therefore, before choosing the right air purifier, you have to make it clear what is the target air pollutant?

2. Weather condition. If the air pollution in the region is more serious, especially if the frequency of occurrence of haze is very high, it is recommended to buy high-grade air purifier to deal with PM2.5, such as ADA negative ion air purifier, which is very efficient in removing small particles PM2.5.

3. Price. Check the price range of the air purifiers you can afford, and choose the right one according to their own economic conditions. The benefit of air purifier lies not just in its price, the suitable one is the best.

4. Parameters. When choosing an air purifier, you must check the parameters first. For example, filter-type air purifiers generally have noise, and will be marked with the noise decibels at both the lowest consumed power and maximum power. Different noise level directly affects the daily rest and sleep. Therefore, the purchase must be clear if they can bear the size of the noise.

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