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Air Purifier Shopping Tips

- Dec 21, 2017 -

One, how to choose a suitable for their own air purifier

First of all, we must first determine the type of harmful gases in the room and the extent of pollution; (please pass the National Certified Indoor Environmental Inspection Department to help carry out indoor air inspection)

Secondly, to judge the source of harmful gases;

Third, to identify the effect of purification, not only to listen to advertising, you can listen to the views of experts;

Four, look at the applicable area of air purifier, (mainly compared with the amount of air volume, power) supplies the length of time and the price of replacement supplies, after the purchase of professional maintenance staff to provide services;

Finally, it is also necessary to look at the Air purifier shape design is beautiful, whether it will produce noise pollution, of course, prices are also we have to consider an aspect, comprehensive consideration of the above words to choose.

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