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Air Purifier Placement Skills

- Dec 29, 2017 -

Air purifier is also known as the air cleaner, the main role of air purifier is to be able to absorb and decompose all kinds of pollutants in the air, effectively improve the cleanliness of the air. So how should the air purifier be placed?

1, the household air purifier placement position should not be too high

Generally at home than the lower place harmful substances and dust relatively more, so we put the air purifier in a relatively low position, in order to better purify the air.

2, air purifier can not be placed on the channel

Air purifier is to filter the air and adsorption of harmful substances in the air, for that relatively large purifier, not suitable for the aisle, so that not only hinder the passage of people, but also appears to be small space.

3, the air purifier position cannot rely on the wall

The air Purifier placement position must not close to the wall body, must maintain a little distance with the wall body. In order to keep the purifier working smoothly, there is also a point to be aware of, can not be placed around the purifier fragile explosive items, this is very dangerous.

4. The air purifier is placed in the place where people are comparatively concentrated

The more densely populated areas, the more harmful substances are contained in the air. For more harmful gases, we should be the air purifier as long as possible to open, so as to quickly reduce the concentration of harmful gases.

5, air purifier should be placed in the family activities of the room

In the daytime, The living room, study these places are our activity more frequent place, therefore, we may choose to place the purifier in these places, thus effectively filters the harmful material. Usually in the evening we will be in the bedroom, the purifier can be placed in the bedroom, to protect us from absorbing harmful substances.

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