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Air purifier function

- Nov 10, 2017 -

Air purifier function

Air purifier is used to purify indoor air of small household electrical appliances, mainly to solve the indoor air pollution due to decoration or other reasons. Due to the persistence and uncertainty of the release of pollutants in indoor air, the use of air purifiers to purify indoor air is an internationally recognized method to improve indoor air quality.

Air purifiers have a variety of different technologies and media that allow them to provide clean and safe air to the user. The commonly used air purification technology: asymmetric plasma air purification technology, adsorption technology, negative ion technology, negative ion technology, molecular complexation technology, photocatalyst technology, TIO2 technology, HEPA filter technology, electrostatic precipitator, active oxygen technology in low temperature; material technology mainly includes: photocatalyst, activated carbon, synthetic fiber HEAP, high performance materials, negative ion generator. The domestic market of existing air purifier for this compound, which also uses a variety of purification technology and material. The main functions of air purifier for space purification are embodied in the following aspects:

1.electrostatic precipitation sterilization

It can filter dust, smoke and bacteria smaller than cells to prevent lung disease, lung cancer, liver cancer and other diseases.

2 .asymmetric plasma at low temperature

Low temperature plasma asymmetric module, through high voltage high frequency pulsed discharge plasma to form asymmetric electric field between the large plasma air by impact, "avalanche effect" of a series of physical and chemical reaction, rapid degradation of toxic and harmful gases and live viruses, bacteria, and efficient disinfection and sterilization, to smell, smoke and dust,

3.HEPA filtration

HEPA High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter (high efficiency particulate air filter) for a sub HEPA by a stack of glass fiber membrane filter before and after continuous folding, forming wavy gasket used to place and support the filter medium.

4 ion wind

Ion air air purifier technology is also used more technology, but its purification efficiency remains to be verified. Ion air purifier is envisioned to adsorb metal particles to the purifier with a charge of blade, blade through the component to push the air to form air negative and positive ions are attracted to each other, the particles and smoke in the air attached to the blade.

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