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ADA-V8 Car Air Purifier

- Jan 18, 2018 -

20 leading field research and development of air purification technology, after 20 years of innovative technology, innovative new generation of quad-core technology Automotive Air Purifier ADA-V8 series products. ADA-V8 Vehicle type air purifier, imported by South Korea high efficiency HEPA and activated carbon composition, combined with high concentration of oxygen to produce pure fresh air, quickly eliminate the dust, smoke, bacteria, odor and harmful substances in the car, so that you enjoy the natural fresh air, too can charge, green environmental protection

Cadr value of fine particulate pollutant

1. Purified air Volume (3 cubic test): 30m3/h; Formaldehyde removal rate: 94.9%

2. Input voltage: DC 5V;

3. Power consumption: ≤7w;

4. Working environment: Temperature -10℃~ +80℃, humidity ≤95%rh;

5. Size: Length: 200x wide: 150x High: mm;

6. The best usable area: 10~15m2;

7. Machine noise: ≤35db;

8. Anion concentration: 10 million/m3.

9. PM2.5 Digital display.

10. Solar Charge

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