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About Air purifier You don't know the knowledge

- Jan 03, 2018 -

1. The air purifier market is a mixed bag.

2, the new revised air Purifier national standards have not been promulgated, product effectiveness and quality by enterprise self-discipline.

3, Air purifier is a huge market, completely inexperienced businessmen also want a piece, such as millet.

4, the air purifier manufacturing simple, extremely easy OEM production, our country has a large number of small manufacturers in the south.

5, Air purifier if want to achieve the best results, must be the international High-tech research and development standards and manufacturing processes.

6, online including the media spread of the assessment can only be used as a reference, do not take it too seriously, because there will be soft wen, there will be corporate sponsorship, there will be commercial dark war.

7, to see the certification authority, if not believe in our country, we believe that applicable to Europe and the United States and other developed countries of the international authoritative certification.

8, look at the data, do not look at the concept. How large is this air purifier to filter the smallest particle size? Because in addition to PM2.5, there are very allergic substances, there are many more micro-bacterial virus indoors.

9, do not just look at the price, but also to see the patent, see history, see Word-of-mouth, look at the sale, look at the electricity, look at the noise, look at the intelligence level, and even look at the rigor of the product description.

10, for consumers, the focus is the effect of air purifiers and technology content of these hard functions, is definitely not a marketing tool or design profile card Wow, so, research and development of three years will not be comparable to the development of 30 years.

11, air purifier has been and television, air-conditioning, automobiles, computers and so on as a household necessities.

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