Air Purifier

High CADR, Excellent capacity of clean air delivery rate up to 88.50CFM(150m3/h)
Negative Ion Generator release more than 1.5*106ions/cc
Coverage area at about 15-20㎡
  • Fragrance Air Purifier

    Fragrance Air Purifier

    Fragrance Air Purifier
    The combination of multi-filtration process helps to control various airborne contaminant
    Easy cord storage for space saving
    Dual position can be placed...

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  • Air Purifier For Mold

    Air Purifier For Mold

    Home Air Purifier
    Multi-filtration air purifier making it powerful to eliminate dust and odors.
    Pre-filter: absorbing large particles, such as hair, particulates, dusts, etc.

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  • Car Air Cleaner

    Car Air Cleaner

    Intelligent Ozone technique with mobile power supply kills the bacteria in car but no harm to human
    When nobody in car, after working at Ozone mode for 20 minutes, it will automatically...

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  • Top Air Purifiers

    Top Air Purifiers

    Tower shape design
    Strong but quiet air flow
    Multi purifying system has high efficiency in removing dust, killing allergies and bacteria.

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  • House Air Purifier

    House Air Purifier

    House Air Purifier
    Pre-filter + HEPA filter + Activated carbon filter + Negative Ions.
    LED screen+ Remote controller + Air quality sensor
    Patented Chinese Herbal filter...

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  • UV-C Air Purifier

    UV-C Air Purifier

    UV-C Air Purifier
    Tower shape design
    Powerful five-stage filtration technology
    Additional fragrance dispenser create a purified and pleasant home environment.

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  • Home Air Cleaners

    Home Air Cleaners

    AQI with digital PM2.5 reading
    filter replacement indication
    4 step purification air cleaner
    Show customer the air purifier efficiency by providing visible color change

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  • Room Air Purifier

    Room Air Purifier

    Room Air Purifier
    Lower noise, ultra quiet for good sleeping environment
    care for babies and children;
    7 in 1 filtration: Dual HEPA filter + Plasma + UV/TIO2 photocatalyst +...

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  • 12V Car Ionizers Absorbs Dirty Particles Desktop Air Purifier 2017

    12V Car Ionizers Absorbs Dirty Particles Desktop Air Purifier 2017

    Innovated car air purifier with powerful solar energy panel.
    Highly effective plasma plus TiO2, air purifying technology eliminates and decomposes almost all air pollutants.

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