Air Purifier

  • Home Air Cleaners

    Home Air Cleaners

    Home Air Cleaners: AQI with digital PM2.5 reading. Show customer the air purifier efficiency by providing visible color change HEPA + Activated carbon filter replacement indication 4 step...

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  • Room Air Purifier

    Room Air Purifier

    Room Air Purifier Lower noise, ultra quiet for good sleeping environment, care for babies and children; Dual HEPA filter + Plasma + UV/TIO2 photocatalyst + Negative ion 3 speed control and 3 timer...

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  • Hepa Air Purifiers

    Hepa Air Purifiers

    HEPA Air Purifiers high CADR , Excellent capacity of clean air delivery rate up to 88.50CFM(150m3/h). Negative Ion Generator release more than 1.5*106ions/cc. Operation buttons with speed and...

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  • Air Cleaner For Home

    Air Cleaner For Home

    Air Cleaner for Home · The inspiration of design comes from the most contemporary building Bujr Al Arab . · Big LED display,digital reading on PM2.5, temperature, humidity and Negative Ion concn....

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  • Personal Air Purifier

    Personal Air Purifier

    Personal Air Purifier: One of our most classic and popular air purifiers. Pre filter HEPA + Active Carbon filter Negative Ion Fragrance Remote Control Cord storage design Dual Placement 3 speed...

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  • Tower Air Cleaner

    Tower Air Cleaner

    Tower Air Purifier · Patented and innovative Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) technology has higher filtration efficiency of more than 97%. · Washable ESP filter needs no replacement which...

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  • Office Air Purifier

    Office Air Purifier

    Ofiice Air Purifier · High CADR up to 469 m 3 /h. · Strong turbo fan to supply fast air circulation. · Automatically shut off for safety protection when front cover is removed. · LED display to...

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  • Small Air Purifier

    Small Air Purifier

    Small Air Purifier: · Mini air purifier ADA377 with different optional filtration process: · Negative ion generator releases high-density ions for removing particles such as dust, smoke, etc. ·...

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  • Ionizer For Car

    Ionizer For Car

    Ionizer for Car: · Powerful purifying technologies: Active carbon filter/UV lamp/TiO2 filter/Negative ions. · Solar Energy and Storage Battery: supply power and save for use at nights and on rainy...

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