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Home Air Cleaner With HEPA Filter Room Use Indoor Air Purifier

Home Air Cleaner With HEPA Filter Room Use Indoor Air Purifier

CADR: 250m3/h
Effective Area: 25-40㎡ / 269-430 sq. ft
Noise: ≤21dB

Product Details

Indoor Air Purifier


CADR: 250m3/h 

Effective Area: 25-40㎡ / 269-430 sq. ft 

Noise: ≤21dB 

Power Rated: 45W 

Net Weight: 5.7kg 

Product Size: 310*215*485mm 

Negative Ion: ≥10*106 ions/cc 

Filters:  Pre-filter + HEPA & Active Carbon filter


  • AQI with digital PM2.5 reading. 

  • Show customer the air purifier efficiency by providing visible color change

  • HEPA + Activated carbon filter replacement indication 

  • 4 step purification air cleaner: pre-filter + true HEPA filter + active carbon filter + negative ionizer effectively eliminates pollutants in the air.   

  • Household use air purifier with elegant design. 

Visible Color Change with specific data

Home Air Purifier.png

Red Color Indication

Heavy pollution PM2.5100ug/m³ 

Home Air Cleaner.jpg

Yellow Color Indication 

Light pollution50ug/m³ PM2.5 100ug/m³ 

Room air purifier.jpg

Green Color Indication 

Good air quality: PM2.5≤50ug/m³  

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