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Electrostatic Air Purifier for Mold, Air Purification Technology for Electric Air Purifier

Patented and innovative Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) technology from Sweden
enables a filtration efficiency of more than 97%
defeats traditional ESP with only 80% efficiency.
No replacement ESP filter...

Product Details

Electrostatic Air Purifier


· The inspiration comes from Bujr Al Arab in Dubai.

· Patented and innovative Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) technology has a 97% filtration efficiency.

· Washable ESP filter needs no replacement which contributes for cost saving and eco-friendly.

· Digital LED display, accurately indicating PM2.5, temperature, humidity and Negative Ion concn.

· Air quality indicator (PM2.5) provides visible color change (red, yellow, green), indicating the air quality level detected by particle sensor technology.

· The smart usage of six small CPU fans leads to extremely low noise, balanced aeration and high airflow.

· Operation buttons with speed and timer setting at the top of unit is user-friendly. 

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