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Air Purifier Remote Control

Air Purifier Remote Control

Air Purifier with Remote Control
Fit for people who has asthma, allergic rhinitis, pollen allergy or dust
Reduce loudly snore
Release high density negative ion to make you fresh
Capture and decompose the surrounding bacteria...

Product Details

Air Purifier Remote Control


  1. Fit for people who has asthma, allergic rhinitis,  pollen allergy or dust mite allergy

  2. A closed or affected room by secondhand smoke

  3. reduce loudly snore

  4. release high density negative ion

  5. capture and decompose the surrounding bacteria


Why trust us?

  • ADA takes the product’s quality as life of enterprise. ADA quality management is in strict line with ISO9001 System certificated by DNV Inc. and RoHS system by DNV Inc

  • ADA has conducted procedures of raw material inspection at supplier spot, then IQC (Random test), PQC (100%), FQC (100%), Standard sampling and inspection are made before delivery at our factoryOQC.

  • R&D Team:

    -- Professional in industrial design, structural design, electrical circuit design, functional design, chemical design and so on

  • Products are originally designed with patents protection.

    -More than 80 patents obtained.

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